Kelly David, Chief Operating Officer

Kelly David received a Bachelor of Science degree from New York Institute of Technology in 2002 and immediately launched her career in management. Over the next 11 years, she helped organize the day-to-day operations of several businesses in New York, where she grew up, then moved to the San Francisco Bay area, where she currently resides. In early 2013, after watching AE911Truth's "Experts Speak Out" and being bothered by the anomalies the film presented, she joined the group as a volunteer. By April of that year, her management expertise had propelled her into the role of assistant to CEO Richard Gage. After effectively managing the organization's back-end operations for several months, she was named COO by the board. In the spring of 2015, the board named Kelly a director. Her business motto: "In order to take the first step to success, you need a strong organizational structure on which to stand. I'm grateful to have that structure here!"