02 Oct

AE911Truth Takes It to the Street in NYC on 9/11/15

"Thankfully, you came out with your campaign on Building 7. I've been saying, I don't know how anybody can see that and afterwards still believe what they tell us!"



Firefighters Architects Engineers: Expose 9/11 Myths


14TH anniversary Image 3 768Figure 1. Erik Lawyer of Firefighters for 9/11 Truth & UNITY presents the evidence at the AE911Truth Press conference in Times Square.

By James McDowell

911 museum brochure cnn 300Figure 2. Click on this link to see the entire 9/11 Truth museum brochure, which tells the truth that is not conveyed in the exhibits of the official National 9/11 Museum. It has been nearly a decade and a half since the tragic events of 9/11, and still the media continues to promulgate the "Madison Avenue" version: a smoke and mirrors magical mystery tour of unconnected dots, impossible physics, expert sophistry, and fairy tales that paint a surreal portrait even Escher would not have attempted. It's a dazzling piece of showbiz that has been used to justify two wars, rescind civil liberties, and militarize police departments across the nation, as well as a religious doctrine consecrated by its own museum, blessed by a fact-challenged 9/11 Commission report, and repeated ad nauseam by a myth-building media with a seemingly insatiable appetite for spin.

It's called the official story.

As a countermeasure to this unrelenting hocus-pocus, AE911Truth and Firefighters for 9/11 Truth & UNITY arrived in New York City on September 11, 2015, to pay tribute to the thousands of civilians and first responders who lost their lives fourteen years ago. The two organizations honored the deceased by shedding the light of truth on the World Trade Center catastrophe.

The day got started early at the new World Trade Center, where dozens of AE911Truth supporters and activists gathered. As they shared stories, strategized, and educated the public with brochures and DVDs, many held signs (courtesy of Joe Heller), reminding passersby that three buildings fell on 9/11, while others handed out more than 2,000 alternative 9/11 museum guides that educate tourists as to what crucial information will not be on display in the museum.

      14TH anniversary Image 1 768Figure 3. More than two thousand flyers, handed out on 9/11 out by activists like Joe Heller and Rachel Colton, were designed to draw New Yorkers to the premiere film showing that night — as well as alert tourists to the alternative guide to the National 9/11 Museum, which describes "what you will not see in the museum."
Meanwhile, several blocks away, near the entrance to the PATH station, another dozen We Are Change activists coalesced to similarly apprise the public of the importance of the evidence of explosive demolition of the three World Trade Center Towers. This evidence has 2,350 architects and engineers demanding a new investigation.    


14TH anniversary Image 4 768Figure 4. We Are Change created a massive display of 9/11 issues in the shadow of the new World Trade Center Building 7. "Laying out the truth" drew a crowd of curious onlookers.
"It's exciting to see that our message has penetrated deep into the collective conscious of America, as evidenced by this on-the-ground reality," said Richard Gage, head of AE911Truth.

"We now have activists reporting that, of the people they've talked to, at least one-third already know about the main issues and are aware of the evidence surrounding the destruction of all three towers. This is quite different from the earlier years, where nearly everyone was either unaware or still in denial."

Later in the afternoon, AE911Truth moved uptown to Times Square for a 3:00 PM press conference. Gage, for AE911Truth, and Erik Lawyer, founder of Firefighters for 9/11 Truth & UNITY, shared the microphone, each addressing the importance of public awareness of the 9/11 issues, progress the movement has made, and censorship by the mainstream media.

Gage also focused on his organization's latest campaign to put the truth of 9/11 in front of that mum mainstream media: A prodigious 30' tall billboard directly faces the New York Times Building for a full month. Seen by an estimated 100,000 people daily, the billboard clearly depicts the North Tower exploding into pulverized concrete and hurling structural steel laterally, trailed by thick white smoke clouds. It serves as a reminder to New York Times Chief Washington Correspondent David Sanger that he is entitled to his own opinions — "We've not found any evidence so far to suggest that the building collapses were caused by anything other than the two airplanes" — but not to his own facts.    

  14TH anniversary Image 2 768Figure 5. Richard Gage and Erik Lawyer speak at the AE911Truth Press conference in Times Square. The 30' tall billboard above challenges Washington correspondent David Sanger of the New York Times to actually "look at the evidence."
Following Gage's remarks, Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change interviewed Lawyer, a veteran with 25 years of experience in emergency services, the last 16 as a Seattle firefighter, and asked how the cause of truth and justice plans to move forward. Lawyer responded with a novel approach, explaining that "there are deep metaphorical fires, fanned by 9/11 and currently raging within our communities. We can begin to extinguish them by applying the same models and strategies used by fire departments in the extinguishing of real fires."

    911 anniversary 14 video play 768Figure 6. In this seven-minute YouTube video, Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change reports on the exposure to 9/11 Truth that New York City residents and tourists were given on September 11, 2015.
After the press conference, AE911Truth headed further uptown to 86th Street to the historic West Park Presbyterian Church for the world premiere of the film Firefighters Architects Engineers: Expose 9/11 Myths. Prior to the event, Lawyer was also interviewed by Caleb Maupin of Press TV. Lawyer talked about his trek from Seattle to New York 14 years ago to help with the clean-up effort. He revealed to Maupin that he was shocked to discover that standard fire protocol was not being observed at all.  

  911 anniversary 14 video presstv 768Figure 7. In this two-minute YouTube video, Caleb Maupin of Press TV reports on the firefighters who are joining the call for a new investigation of 9/11.
That evening, before the film premiere, Firefighters for 9/11 Truth & UNITY held a silent World Prayer at the church. It was an online "amplified prayer" in which approximately 120 people from around the world participated.

14TH anniversary Image 5 300Figure 8. Erik Lawyer of Firefighters for 9/11 Truth & UNITY and Richard Gage of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth introduce the world premiere of their film, Firefighters Architects Engineers: Expose 9/11 Myths, to New York City. The film takes aim at the 9/11 cover-up promoted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).Before the movie screening, a poll taken among audience members found that four of the 120 were believers in the official account of the Twin Towers' destruction, while another four were unsure of what caused the destruction. The same poll taken afterwards revealed that the film had removed doubt in all except one, who remained unsure.

A similar result was recorded at a Hartford, Connecticut, pre-screening on September 10th before an audience of 62. Although six members of that audience, prior to viewing the film, were unsure of the cause of the Twin Towers' collapse, after the screening, all six, including three engineers in attendance, agreed that controlled demolition was the cause.

The results in New York City and Hartford — consistent with hundreds of other events in which similar films have been presented — are a testament to 9/11 Truth experts' skillful parsing of fact from fiction. One by one, they expose and raze official myths that for 14 years have fomented nationwide cognitive dissonance by holding simple and obvious truths hostage.

At the Q&A following the New York screening, a number of prominent 9/11 Truth supporters, including 9/11 family member Bob McIlvaine and celebrated firefighter Rudy Dent, took questions from the audience. Mixed with the multitude of queries were a number of observations made by attendees, who took the opportunity to weigh in on the film and articulate their own thoughts on the subject.

Some of them, having spent 14 years waiting for the world to wake up, were obviously frustrated with the status quo of public non-awareness.

One put it this way:

It's so absurd that they expect us to believe it. Then, I just want to scream because clearly people do believe it, when it's so obvious [that the official version could not be true]. I've shown people over the years. Thankfully, you came out with your campaign on Building 7. I've been saying, I don't know how anybody can see that and afterwards still believe what they tell us! It blows my frickin’ mind. I feel beyond frustrated when I talk to my very intelligent friends and I float this evidence to them that to me is undeniable, and they still call me crazy and a conspiracy theorist.

Another remembered the Ace Elevator retrofit:

I actually worked at Lehman Brothers . . . for about a year, up until February 2001. And I remember that elevator renovation clearly because I had to walk through the [World] Trade Center to get to work. I remember seeing the major closures and redistributing of the elevators. They didn't go all the way to the top or bottom. I think [the] one that went up to the Windows [on the World] did. But the rest of them, they were all . . . get on one, then get on another. An express elevator, [then a] local. There were so many.

A few had questions on technical subjects. One asked about the application of nano-thermite, to which Gage responded:

The small red-gray chips of nano-thermite are found in the four dust samples independently collected by this international team of scientists. They are multi-layered. That leads the researchers to believe that they were applied in a fluid. And that leads many, but not all, to suspect that they were applied to the bottom of the floors, possibly in a deceptive undercover operation, where fireproofing upgrades were indeed happening in the Towers . . . a few floors above and below the very floors that were impacted by the aircraft, which were on different levels [in the two towers]. So that kind of ties a few things together for people. This has been more deeply researched by Kevin Ryan, whose articles you can see on Journal of 911 Studies.com.

Toward the end of the evening, retired NYC firefighter Rudy Dent weighed in:

During the Civil War, there was a battle cry that used to say, "We'll hold the line till you find your spine!" That's what we're doing. We're fighting for the victims of brainwashing by the mainstream media — until they start waking up. But truth is on our side. It's a powerful thing. And once that wave starts going, nobody knows what the number is that will cause a paradigm change, a shift in mindset. That may even be overnight, where people will just automatically wake up and they'll realize, "Hey, the world isn't flat." And that can happen, and it's happened in the past.

Remember, the Founding Fathers [and their armies] were less than four percent, and they took on King George III, upon whose holdings the sun never set. That was a ridiculous, impossible task. We ended up with the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and a free nation. We can do it again.

The following day, September 12, an all-day conference independently hosted by INN World Report brought together speakers such as John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man; Lance deHaven-Smith, who wrote Conspiracy Theory in America; a panel of psychology professionals, who were featured in the film 9/11: Explosive Evidence—Experts Speak Out; and a panel of legal professionals, who spoke of the complex series of legal actions taken by the 9/11 Truth Movement over the years.

In attendance was a throng of citizens who helped bring attention to the 9/11 Truth Movement and gave voice to the ever-growing realization that Americans are being seriously lied to by their government.

And though we know that, as Aldous Huxley observed, "Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored," we also know that, unless we stand up and demand the truth, NIST and its accomplices will continue to try to convince us otherwise.


Post by James McDowell