03 May

Activist Rachel Colton Shares Her Personal 9/11 Journey

“After watching a few videos, I came across some clips that offered alternative theories about what happened on 9/11. Some of them were very 'out there,' but the ones from AE911Truth made a lot of sense. Ever since, I have been reading books about 9/11 and watching documentaries to learn everything I can.”Rachel Colton

Conversation with Second Graders Leads to 9/11 Activism



I recently chatted online with Rachel Colton, an elementary school teacher-turned-stay-at-home mom and a volunteer for Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

During our interview, Rachel explained why she began questioning the official story of 9/11 and how, as a result, she became interested in AE911Truth.

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“About four years ago, I was teaching second grade and talking to my class about 9/11 after reading a book on the subject that had been written by a class of first graders in New York City shortly after the event.”

“I was shocked to discover that only about half of my class of 20 students raised their hands when I asked if their parents had talked to them about 9/11. As I was trying to explain what happened — the official story I'd heard over the years through the mainstream media — and answer their many questions, the words that were coming out of my mouth about the terrorists not liking our freedoms and our way of life did not make much sense to me. What I heard myself saying raised more questions in my own mind than I could answer.”

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“That night I rode my motorcycle to the Pentagon memorial. I was wearing a T-shirt that said, 'I am a proud American who knows not all Muslims are terrorists.' When I got home, I went on YouTube to watch footage of 9/11. I had always been fascinated by the victims who chose to jump to their deaths. I just could not fathom what had to be going through their minds to have to make that decision.”

Rachel Beach 2 200“While watching videos, I came across the story of the falling man. There is footage of a man falling from the towers and for years he was misidentified. The woman who thought it was her husband was in extreme distress because her religion forbids suicide. She had flown an American flag upside down since 9/11 until it was discovered that it was not her husband.”

“I was intrigued by this story because I would not consider jumping from the towers on 9/11 to be suicide. It is simply a choice to remain in the towers and die from fire or the collapse — or to jump to your death. These people did not really choose to take their own life, and I couldn't believe that people were giving them grief for having jumped.”

“After watching a few videos, I came across some clips that offered alternative theories about what happened on 9/11. Some of them were very 'out there,' but the ones from AE911Truth made a lot of sense. Ever since, I have been reading books about 9/11 and watching documentaries to learn everything I can.”

AE911Truth: How does science prove what happened on 9/11?

Colton: The laws of physics contradict the theories put forth by the 9/11 Commission and NIST [the National Institute for Science and Technology, a government agency charged with investigating the World Trade Center destruction]. According to those laws, a building will not descend in free-fall acceleration unless the structure underneath has been removed.

AE911Truth: Who should get involved with the cause of 9/11 Truth?

Colton: Everyone! We need a mass movement to demand a new investigation for the truth.

AE911Truth: Does one have to be an architect or engineer to join AE911Truth?

Colton: No, you don't have to be an architect or engineer. Of course, we need them and we need scientists in various disciplines to apply their expertise to the evidence that's available and to expose the lies, but we also need all concerned citizens to speak up.

AE911Truth: What could happen if the truth of 9/11 remains covered up?

Colton: We've already seen what can happen: The war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq, and the continuing wars in the Middle East are some of the consequences.

AE911Truth: What has happened to our civil rights as a result of 9/11?

Colton: Because of the fear that was inflicted on the American population as a result of 9/11 and the continuing threat of terrorism, we've been willing to give up many of our freedoms and a lot of our privacy.

AE911Truth: Do you want to share who you believe was behind 9/11 and why they planned these attacks?

Colton: I don't know who was behind 9/11, but it seems there must be a group of people other than the alleged 19 hijackers. I struggle with this issue. Clearly our government has something to hide when it refuses to reveal all the documents and evidence.

AE911Truth: What kinds of opposition can people expect to face if they sign up to get involved with the 9/11 Truth Movement?

Colton: You have to have very tough skin. People can be very rude to activists. You get a lot of eye-rolling and head-shaking and insults thrown at you. But you also meet people who know the truth and stop to talk to you and thank you for what you are doing. Then you have people who have never heard about Building 7 and show genuine interest in it. That's what keeps you going.

AE911Truth: What would you like to see happen? What kind of truth needs to be told?

Colton: I want an unbiased criminal investigation. I want to know who was responsible and I want them prosecuted for their crimes.

AE911Truth: Do you think about the families of the loved ones who died on 9/11? How does this affect your advocacy for the truth?

Colton: I think about them all of the time—especially Bob McIlvaine, who supports AE911Truth. His son, Bobby, died in one of the towers. I cannot imagine what it was like for Bob and other families to lose loved ones in that fashion and then to not have the answers to all their questions. My heart goes out to them.

AE911Truth: Do you have any thoughts on the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Afghans who have died as a result of 9/11?

Colton: It is tragic that civilians are being killed in the Middle East and no one seems to bat an eye. The war in Iraq was clearly based on a lie. It is senseless.

AE911Truth: Why aren't more Americans involved with the 9/11 Truth Movement?

Colton: I don't know. I encounter individuals who agree with AE911Truth but they aren't doing anything to show their support for a new investigation. Maybe they feel powerless. Maybe they're afraid of the repercussions if they speak out. Maybe they feel too busy with their lives.

AE911Truth: Do you have a feeling that some members of the news media were aware of 9/11 before the attacks and subsequently have covered up what happened?

Colton: I think they must have been, based on the on-air reporting of Building 7's collapse before it happened. This is another issue that I struggle to comprehend. The news media is responsible for reporting facts and uncovering falsehoods. So far, though, they seem to be complicit in the crimes of 9/11.

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Post by Mark Oliver