Tony Szamboti, B.S.M.E., Mechanical Engineer

Tony Szamboti, is a mechanical engineer from the Philadelphia area with over 20 years of experience in the aerospace industry. He designs structures for aircraft, spacecraft, and support equipment.


Blockquote tall OrNational Fire Protection Association Guide number 921 calls for saving the evidence, and being prepared to justify why you wouldn't. It also calls for testing for accelerants and explosives when high-order damage is involved. NIST did not do this.



The Freedom of Information Act request to NIST by a registered structural engineer for calculations and analysis was denied by NIST. They claim that releasing this data might jeopardize public safety. How could it possibly jeopardize public safety to tell people in the industry, engineers who are responsible for designing these buildings, how this failure could occur?



These buildings are built to handle several times the load above them. Those perimeter columns could handle five times the load above them, and the core columns could handle three times the load above them.



NIST claimed that the upper section of each of the towers crushed the lower section. However, when you watch video closely, in the case of World Trade Center 1, you see that the upper section disintegrates itself. It appears to be a controlled demolition of its own of the upper section.



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