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Northeasterners fired up by screening of Firefighters, Architects & Engineers

"To me, 9/11 is the key. You open that door, and it's a floodgate. You can then challenge all the other issues. Once you question the authority for the government's illegal actions, you're ready to reshape the country back to the way it was founded — based on individual liberty." — Dave Meiswinkle




New Film Administers Tonic of 9/11 Truth During Tour
of Twelve Cities in Twelve Days


By AE911Truth Staff

image059 Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth recently completed a second regional US tour, in which we screened our latest myth-shattering film, Firefighters, Architects & Engineers: Expose 9/11 Myth (FAE).


We organized our Northeast Tour around the annual building industry convention in Boston known as ABX, where we educated at least a thousand architects and other professionals at our evidence booth and addressed a crowd of more than 60 who came to our presentation on World Trade Center Building 7.


The FAE film tour reached almost 500 people directly and thousands more by radio. The 97-minute documentary features a joint presentation by Erik Lawyer, founder of Firefighters for 9/11 Truth & Unity (FF911TruthandUnity.org), and Richard Gage, founder of AE911Truth.


FAE box 300Together, Lawyer and Gage dismantle two-dozen myths that comprise the official account of the destruction of the three WTC 7 skyscrapers. They also expose the failure of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to comply with the requirements of NFPA 921, which is the national guideline for fire and explosion investigations. They then take a penetrating look at the forensic evidence of the explosions that leveled three World Trade Center skyscrapers.


The information-packed FAE DVD is a go-to educational tool — particularly for 9/11 Truth activists who are reaching out to firefighters and fire protection professionals. (Watch the two-minute trailer and experience a part of what our Northeast audiences had to wrestle with!)


At each tour stop, Gage asked the audience three key questions before rolling the film:

1) "How many of you agree with the official story about how the towers came down by jet impacts and fires?"

2) "How many of you are unsure?"

3) "How many of you came here already agreeing with the evidence for controlled demolition?"


Each time, the answers were no surprise. Despite the tremendous effort made by each of the tour's 12 event coordinators and their teams to put new people in the seats, the presentations continue to attract mostly those who already support the controlled demolition theory.


The good news is that, in every case, by the end of the evening a show of hands revealed that all attendees who walked in believing the official story no longer did. In all, some 100 people were moved to change their minds and agree with the evidence for controlled demolition, as this chart shows:




New Brunswick, NJ — 11/12/15

The historic Elks Club in New Brunswick, New Jersey, was the venue for the first premiere of the FAE film on the Northeast tour. Our host was New Jersey 9/11 Aware, a local group known for its extremely active outreach to the public.


image061 Dave Meiswinkle, co-founder of New Jersey 9/11 Aware, introduced Richard Gage with an effusive show of gratitude for AE911Truth, the national organization that Gage founded in 2006 — a time when the 9/11 Truth Movement was searching for technical know-how and credibility. Explaining why his group invited AE911Truth to his state, NJ911Aware co-founder Dave Meiswinkle told Gage, "We want to get the information out so people realize that we need a new investigation. There was never one done properly. And New Jersey has all the legal connections to actually have the investigation here."


What does it take to attract newcomers to such an event? Meiswinkle describes the preparation as "a lot of really hard work by our key people." Among other things, NJ9112Aware placed ads in the Rutgers University newspaper, The Daily Targum, which has a circulation of about 40,000, and in New Brunswick Today, a widely read online community newspaper with a monthly print edition. It also invested in literature that it used to leaflet at train stations, college student centers and fraternities, and other likely places. And it sent emails to 60 of Meiswinkle's fellow criminal defense attorneys who "understand the US Constitution," as well as to 21 prosecutors who already have a personal copy of the DVD 9/11: Explosive Evidence — Experts Speak Out.


Referring to the only trial ever held on the JFK assassination, Meiswinkle said, "We're looking for our Jim Garrison, only our Garrison needs some support, which poor Jim Garrison never had. We need some legislators to step forward and we need some money behind us and we need some bravery, some courage from some of these people, and we need to make contacts. So if we get a good turnout at events like this, we can become a solid grassroots organization consisting of people who are concerned about what's happening in this country and committed to turning things around. To me, 9/11 is the key. You open that door, and it's a floodgate. You can then challenge all the other issues. Once you question the authority for the government's illegal actions, you're ready to reshape the country back to the way it was founded — based on individual liberty."


Watch Gage's introduction of FAE in New Brunswick and the follow-up Q&A here.


image062 The 65 attendees in New Brunswick included three who agreed with the official story before seeing the film and 16 who were unsure. At the conclusion, no one agreed with the government narrative and just two remained unsure.

image063 The core team of NJ911Aware.org has some of the most seasoned hardcore veterans in the 9/11 Truth Movement, including Frank Agamemnon, the owner of the 9/11 Truthmobile.

Woodstock, NY – 11/13/15

image064 A vintage '60s poster made by Michele Flanders invited Woodstock citizens to a 2015 retrospective look at a 2001 event that changed the course of history.

image065 Steve Romine introduced Gage and the FAE film at Woodstock's Mountainview Studio to a small but intellectually curious band of citizens, none of whom left the event still believing the official story.

Woodstock, New York, is an enchanting, upscale, trendy town that seeks in some measure to maintain its ties to the granddaddy of rock concerts — the Woodstock Festival, held in 1969. Also a pulsating hub of political activism, it is home to a group of artistic 9/11 activists, including Michele Flanders, who created a customized poster announcing the FAE film.


During the Q&A in Woodstock, one thoughtful attendee asked, "I presume the explosives were set to detonate at some point after the jet plane impacts. And I imagine that they didn't know exactly when the planes were supposed to hit. So how were the explosives to be timed? And from where?"


Gage's response: "We don't know how they were detonated. We don't know how the explosives or incendiaries were placed or where they were controlled from. We do know that in each of the Twin Towers we have maybe a dozen floors that were retrofitted with a fireproofing upgrade a year or so before 9/11. So the interesting thing is that the planes hit the towers at different levels — about 15 stories from the top of the North Tower and about 30 stories from the top of the South Tower. Roughly five floors above and below those retrofitted floors were where the jet planes hit!


"Is it possible that there was an undercover operation in which fluid-applied nano-thermite was sprayed on the bottom of the metal decking under the concrete floors? These are among the many unanswered questions that require an investigation with subpoena power and testimony taken under oath. AE911Truth does not have those powers. Our investigation is and can only be a technical one. You need to compel your elected representatives to commence a real investigation — or replace them with representatives who will."




image068 "One of my greatest pleasures on this tour was meeting some of the finest, most aware, caring, and active 9/11 Truth activists," says Gage. "The other was beholding one New England architectural wonder after another. This 1768 farm house, finely restored by my host, Marty Kornblum, was absolutely thrilling for me, as an architect, to see. I was honored to be able to stay overnight in it."

Torrington, CT – 11/14/15

Our Connecticut stronghold of 9/11 Truth awareness has always been in the state capitol of Hartford. So, naturally, Hartford activists, including Cheryl Curtiss, Wayne Coste, and others from CT911Truth.org, hosted our FAE film when we originally premiered it on September 10.


image069 A few intrigued Torrington citizens from among the 35 attendees stayed after the program and conversed about related issues. Leo Steele (standing, in the blue jacket) told about the program he hosted on the local FM radio station in the nascent years of 9/11 Truth, before skeptics of the official account had the technical know-how of architects and engineers to support their case. Steele recalled: “People thought we were nuts for not wanting to go to war over this!” Some 30 miles away, the city of Torrington also bustles with 9/11 Truth activists, who decided it was high time they sponsor an AE911Truth event. Led by event coordinator Bob Skoczylas, who was assisted by members of WeAreChangeCT.org, the Torrington contingent showed up big time to help Gage set up and run the road presentation of FAE on this night.


After the lights went up, Gage asked Tom, one of the three attendees who believed the official story when he walked in to the event, to share the reasons the film changed his view. “I think the whole thing must have been a kind of a planned out thing, with the goal of gaining some sort of power to get the oil in Iraq,” Tom speculated. Gage tried again: “How did this film turn your mind around?” Tom's answer this time: “When it comes down to a struggle for world power, you don't want to believe your country is involved in such a thing [as 9/11]. But . . . I guess we're bad asses.”


Event coordinator Skoczylas followed up with a comment, “I think the film was excellent. I come from an engineering background myself, so the data and the details were particularly interesting to me. I think there are some folks in the audience who may have a difficult time absorbing the depth of the information, although I feel that degree of detail is necessary to eliminate the myths and expose the real truth behind what physically happened.”


Greenfield, MA – 11/15/15


image070 1 In Greenfield, as elsewhere, Gage attempted to keep the discussion on track, but said he secretly enjoyed the new material brought to bear by Central Massachusetts activists, who shared a lot of new information with the crowd.

The small meeting room at Greenfield’s Market accommodated the 25 attendees who event coordinator Jonathan Mark had invited to Gage's presentation. The crowd was a unique mix of ages and political persuasions. Their wide-ranging interests generated a lively, controversial post-film discussion, which strayed far from the comfortable territory of AE911Truth. Jonathan Mark captured the conversation here.


Brattleboro, VT – 11/15/15

image071 Brattleboro event coordinator Chris Pratt calls himself The Reluctant Activist. He has almost single-handedly roused citizens in his town to rethink 9/11. It was Pratt who was responsible for filling the small Hooker-Dunham Theater & Gallery with 35 attendees. No one who started out biased toward the government account before seeing the FAE film walked away a believer in the official story. One of the many attendees at the Brattleboro event who already agreed with the evidence for controlled demolition asked Gage afterwards, "Have you noticed any kind of collective consciousness change since you started years ago?"


After pausing to reflect, Gage responded, "Yes. There's a bit of irony here, because we used to have larger audiences in the early years — 2006, 2007, 2008 — both in Europe and here in the States. Since then, we've seen our audiences get smaller. But all of us who are currently talking about 9/11 to people on the street are finding greater levels of receptivity among the public than we did three, four, five, six years ago. We may very well be reaching critical mass. Half of the people I talk to about 9/11 Truth these days are open to it. Some of them can actually cite the main features of controlled demolition.


"So, yes, there is an awakening. We're trying to stop 'the next 9/11' by raising public awareness and putting pressure on our public officials and needling the mainstream media. With efforts like our C‑SPAN interview, which became the most-viewed program on C-SPAN's Washington Journal blog, and with efforts like this 12-cities-in-12-days Northeast tour, we are making inroads."


Worcester, MA – 11/16/15

image072 Barbara Roberts arranged interview for Gage at the WCCA TV 13 studio in Worcester. The story about 9/11 Truth in Worcester revolves around tour event coordinator Barbara Roberts and her husband, USAF (Ret.) Col. Arthur Roberts, who secured as our venue the Sprinkler Factory, an art gallery. The same evening, the gallery was hosting an art show titled “Healing Fibers: War and Peace” — a theme certainly not unfamiliar to our mission or our crowd of 31 who crammed into the super-cozy space.


Before the film's showing, 11 of those 31 either supported the official account of the WTC's destruction or were unsure what to think. Afterwards, only one remained unsure, and no one any longer believed the government-sanctioned conspiracy theory.


Barbara Roberts also lined up what turned out to be a superb interview on WCCA TV 13 in Worcester.


Before the film began, a Worcester woman named Laurence, who said she believes the official story, commented to Gage as she walked in the door, "I need evidence for everything before I believe something."


image073 Mauro dePasquale, executive director of WCCA TV 13, interviewed Gage. He asked many questions about the mission of AE911Truth in the half-hour segment seen by thousands of Worcester-area residents. He proceeded to dialogue with her:


GAGE: And what is your backgound?

LAURENCE: An engineer, chemical engineer.

GAGE: And as a chemical engineer, presumably if Beta [her friend] told you that these buildings were brought down by explosions, you'd be looking for evidence of explosions or incendiaries.

LAURENCE: Absolutely, yes.

GAGE: Will you tell me, at the end of the film, when I interview you again, if you feel like you found some convincing answers?

LAURENCE: I will tell you. Absolutely. I will give you my opinion.

GAGE: Anything else you want to say before we go in? Because that's the point of no return, through that door there, and this is the red pill.

LAURENCE: I'm very open-minded and curious.


After the film, Laurence raised her hand when Gage asked how many believers in the government's version of events had switched sides and now agree with the evidence for controlled demolition. A pleased Gage encouraged her to sign the AE911Truth online petition.


image076 image077 Descending into Boston's Logan Airport in a Cessna was yet another East Coast trip highlight for Gage.

Boston/Watertown, MA – 11/19/15

Never let it be said that the energetic, determined Boston 9/11 Truth group lets go to waste a single opportunity to wake up the East Coast public. When Gage was in town, this local organization hosted yet another successful event: the showing, in nearby Watertown, of FAE, the latest film in our arsenal of myth-busting documentaries.


We are indeed indebted to Boston event coordinators Chris Gruener, Henry MacLean, Gail Simmons, and Rich McCampbell, who drew 71 people to the Watertown library.


image074 See the detailed write-up for the Boston FAE Tour stop at Boston911Truth.org, which describes what these 71 attendees experienced during and after the presentation of our FAE film. For those who can't get enough of hearing 9/11 Truth facts, it was a soul-satisfying event.

image075 In the eyes of architect Gage, Boston is the site of the most amazing architectural and historical buildings of any American city. One such gem is the Old South Meeting House, built in 1729, where colonists met and planned the Boston Tea Party.

Dover, NH – 11/20/15

Thanks to Portsmouth-area AE911Truth supporter and professional psychologist Bill Woodward (who appeared in our film, 9/11 Explosive Evidence—Experts Speak Out) and his fellow 9/11 questioners, we had a lively evening at the usually quiet Quaker Friends Meeting church in nearby Dover.


image078 Dover-area residents question and contemplate 9/11 in the town's Quaker Friends Meeting sanctuary.

In the post-film Q&A, one gentleman posed this tough question: "Is there anybody coming out and blowing the whistle? What about from ACE elevator company?"


Gage's answer: "We haven't had anybody come and say, 'Yeah, I planted explosives.' Ace Elevator came out of nowhere to get the contract, and they didn't have the reputation, experience, or qualifications for this job that they were given for the largest modernization in history. Otis Elevators had installed these elevators and had been maintaining them since the installation. One would think that Otis should have been given the contract. We certainly want an investigation of Ace, but they went out of business . . . shortly after 9/11."


Another attendee, Ryan Fowler, hadn't heard of AE911Truth until he came to the Dover event, but he was no fan of the official party line. He remarked of the film, "I thought you laid out the information in a factual, scientific manner. It made me feel a lot better about what I had already been believing. Some people think I’m crazy for talking about what they call 9/11 conspiracy theories. But it's no longer a theory. It's fact."


Belfast, ME – 11/21/15

image079In Belfast, 17 of the 60 attendees were unfamiliar with WTC 7. Twenty were either believers of the official WTC narrative or were unsure before watching the film. Afterwards, no one believed it and only four were unsure.

Two tour stops, Belfast and Brunswick, are north of Portland, Maine, and both have very energetic longtime AE911Truth supporters who coordinated these events and collectively brought almost 100 people to see the FAE film.


"What about the hijackers?" one attendee in Belfast queried. "Were they on the planes?"


GAGE: Well, AE911Truth doesn't research these questions, but we've heard of others who have asked: 'If you were planting explosives in the buildings and planning on reaping the benefits of that politically, financially, etc., would you trust hijackers who failed Cessna flying school to get those planes where they were going? Would you just let it happen? Probably not. You'd want control over the entire operation. You would have drones switched out with the civilian aircraft, which we don't know what happened to.

SPEAKER: What happened to all the passengers?

GAGE: I have no idea. We need a real investigation, don't we?

SPEAKER: What I'm saying is we have two things that are going on simultaneously without the other one knowing what is happening. It's one big . . .

GAGE: We believe that the whole thing is very well controlled.

SPEAKER: It's amazing that no beans . . .

GAGE: There have been a lot of beans spilled, but you don't hear about all these beans because they're not going to be aired on CNN. And many people only believe what they see on CNN. Not enough people do detailed online research or read the books of David Ray Griffin.


image080Belfast townsfolk were attentive to the film and to their fellow thinkers/questioners.

image081Dave Bauer, Belfast event coordinator, showed the downtown architecture to architect Gage, who declared it "charming. I could see myself living here too!”

Brunswick, ME – 11/21/15

image082Visible from the road, this banner at Brunswick's Unitarian Universalist Church let attendees know they'd arrived at the event described in an email invitation and a flyer handout. Some who showed up had heard the Brunswick radio interview — one of six Gage gave on this tour. Others were just driving by and decided to stop and come in!

image083 Jon Olsen coordinated the Brunswick tour stop with his crack 9/11 Truth team and introduced Gage and the FAE film to the audience at the Unitarian Universalist Church. One attendee from Brunswick asked about Judy Wood’s hypothesis of how the towers came down. Gage referred her to FAQ #3 then added that AE911Truth, which supports the controlled demolition theory, does not ally itself with those who posit other theories.


Dr. Wood, said Gage, "suggests that the towers were brought down by directed energy weapons. The problem we have with her is that she denies the overwhelming evidence that we demonstrate for the massive numbers of explosions. In her book, she denies the evidence that we have for hot molten iron in all the different forms that you saw in the film. She denies the evidence for nano-thermite, which is very evident in the World Trade Center dust samples independently collected, analyzed, and documented by a team of scientists. Somebody who comes along with their own theory, directed energy weapons, and provides no evidence for it — not even an understanding of what that technology may or may not be able to do to the steel in the towers or how the massive energy source required might be collected and discharged — and then denies the most basic scientific forensic evidence that we have proof for . . . I just have cause to distrust.


"Others believe that mini-nukes brought the towers down," Gage continued, pointing listeners to FAQ #15, which he summarized by noting that "we don't see the bright flashes — the brightness of the sun — that one expects from nuclear weapons. We don't see the massive radiation release that would be associated with them. And we don't hear the extremely loud bang associated with all nuclear weapons that we know of. Well, we are then told that there are highly classified next generation mini-nukes that don’t have those characteristics. This may very well be. But it is off the table in terms of a scientific inquiry" because it contains "no evidence that we can bring to the American people or that will hold up in a court of law."


image084Because the Brunswick church venue had a beautiful piano and the AE911Truth contingent included accomplished singer/songwriter Kate Phillips in the house that night, the audience was treated to a soulful rendition of her 9/11 Truth song: "All we are saying . . . is give peace a chance . . . give truth a chance . . . never forget . . . never again . . . never give up . . . open your eyes."

Lebanon, NH – 11/22/15

image085 Timothy Price introduced the evening’s events in the western New Hampshire town of Lebanon and shared the story of his nearly successful attempt to have the FAE film hosted at nearby Dartmouth College. Next time! "What can we do about this?" one New Hampshire participant asked during the Lebanon Q&A.


Gage took the opportunity to show what one person — who had no previous speaking experience, no PowerPoint skills and no familiarity with activism — could do for the 9/11 Truth cause: "I decided that I couldn’t live my life normally anymore with the new knowledge that I was living in a huge lie that most people swallowed from the government and mainstream media. A lie that wars were started over, that millions of people died from, and that our 1st and 4th Amendment liberties have been obliterated by. So I started talking to people and forwarding videos like Loose Change.


"Then I realized that as an architect I should be able to talk about buildings. So I copied Steven Jones' slideshow and learned how to use PowerPoint and tweaked the content. I got help from a man named Bill in creating our first website in 2006. I started Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth with one architect — me — based on the group Scholars for 9/11 Truth and its website.


"It's so easy [for someone like you] to start by just talking to people — because the evidence speaks for itself. And we’ve done the work for you. We've got the DVDs for you to share! Our online store has all the resources you need, and they're backed by the built-in credibility of AE911Truth. Try this: Send our AE911Truth.org link to every architect and engineer in your community and ask them for their help in evaluating whether these 2,400 A/Es are making any sense."



Post by AE911Truth Staff